Family Signet Rings – Fashion or Status

I will be off topic for me as my family, and I have just got some engraved signet rings, these family rings are a symbol of our love as a unit. With our love for all things Japanese, we have got these rings engraved in Japanese character.

Fashion has evolved over the decades and continues to be refined and changed. What you see today may have been improved from the most basic of styles. Many fashion items have survived attempts at completely transforming them into something entirely new. They have retained most of their original features and added just a few things due to external influences. Items that have kept much originality and considered with high regard; signet rings should be viewed as such.

Family Ring

Signet Rings and their Usage

Signet rings have witnessed centuries of history; some have contributed to making history itself. They are unlike any other piece of jewellery. The signet ring is a unique accessory that characterised the fingers of many powerful men and women in the past. The jewellery was engraved with the initials or personal designs of the individual wearing it. Most bands on the rings were ornate, but some were plain, depending on the owner’s taste. Many of these rings were also used for sanctioning official work. For instance, a ring could bear an official seal or court of arms, which could be used to endorse a formal decree. By pressing it on molten wax poured on a document, for example, a ruler could create a seal that could be broken only by an authorised person, this explains why signet rings were synonymous with seal rings, authority and status. The seals on signet rings were mostly used by nobility and royalty, such as kings, queens, earls, dukes and so on, and were recognised by everyone in the ruler’s jurisdiction.
For a signet ring to be a seal ring, it had to be engraved in a mirror image of the court of arms or initials of the wearer.
In this era, a signet ring from the past would be considered a collector’s item, and therefore, an extremely rare and precious jewel. If you found one, you could trade it for a substantial amount of money in the antique market. Many such rings belonging to notable personalities in history would be kept under protected areas such as museums.

Seal Ring

Unique Engraving

Personalised signet rings are making a comeback in the contemporary fashion industry, and getting your aesthetically appealing signet ring is possible with the availability of state-of-the-art engraving tools. The market is flooding with plain rings, which can then be personalised to suit your desire. Today, people engrave signet rings with their initials or those of their loved ones. Some curve writing of their favourite quotes on them to declare their identity to the world or love for someone. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to what can be engraved on the rings.

Making a mirror image of your initials is not necessary, as the rings are made for ornamental—rather than functional—purpose. The engravings are not meant to be pressed on another surface to be read. You wouldn’t want to wear a ring engraved with writing that you or another person can’t comprehend directly.

Nowadays, custom designs acquired from detailed photographs or individual creativity are popular sources for engravings on new signet rings. In some places, the sight of a highly ornamented ring can enhance your status in society. The highly detailed engravings can make your hand look more attractive and majestic.

It is possible to order custom-made rings online for personal use. Online auctions that facilitate the buying and selling of antique items can enable you to find the rarest of signet rings, which may cost millions of dollars before and after bidding.
You could also purchase new signet rings from online stores such as You have the option to buy one that is pre-engraved with another person’s design, or you could order one engraved with your design.

Designs & Shapes of Rings

The bezel of signet rings comes in numerous shapes. One of the most common one is round, which provides elegance and simplicity that lacks in straight oval—the most attractive form of a signet ring. It is loved by most engravers because it makes engraving easy. The vertical oval is conservative yet spectacular, which explains its popularity. Other shapes include octagon, square (oxford), bulbous oval and cushion.

The function of the signet ring as a symbol of authority, personal signature or family heritage may have gone with the ancient civilisations, but its use in symbolising cultural and social identity remains. Although its importance is now trivialised, signet rings can still be used for aesthetic purposes and a passion for historical items. Whether it was passed down from an older member of the family or you bought it from an auction, ancient rings can retain the aesthetic value that they had in the past. You can also make your rings with your personalised designs just to express your artistic ability. With such a ring on your finger, this assures of making a strong fashion statement wherever you go.