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making sushi at home for beginners

Sushi platter

It doesn’t matter who you’re or where you are from. No one can deny the fact that the popularity of sushi has exploded in London over the past 2 decades and by now, has fully-established itself in Western fusion cuisine. These days, a little spicy tuna-roll is as common as burgers or pizza. Okay, so pretty much everyone who has tried sushi loves it. But guess what? Few know how to make it. You have to get your fix from Japanese restaurants & sushi bars, which can often be over-priced. Truth is, you do not have to be some sort of master sushi caterer in London to make sushi at home. Making sashimi rolls is actually pretty simple. And if you’ve all the right tools, it is less expensive. You can also see sushi catering London.

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With sushi, similar to any cooking, the-best ingredients offer the best results. The most scrutiny needs to be given to the fish and rice for great-tasting sushi. Sushi grade fish is a bit pricey, but you should use the proper-grade for taste and safety.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

· Sushi Grade fish – Like Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, or Yellowtail.

· Vegetables –Carrot, Avocado, Pickled Radish, Cucumber, Crab meat, Asparagus, Steamed Spinach – pretty much whatever you want in your dish.

· Sushi Rice (2 Cups) – You need short grain Asian white rice as its starch content makes it sticky when cooked, and so it clumps together. Western long-grained or Non-glutinous rice won’t work as it’s too dry in texture.

sushi ingredients



Sushi rice should be washed with cold-water before cooking to get rid of any bran powder or compounds. As the rice is agitated, water will get to turn cloudy. Rinse up until the water is clear. The rice may be-too sticky & smelly if you fail-to do this.

Sushi rice recipe

This makes adequate rice to prepare sushi-rolls for a-family of 4 – all hearty eaters.


· 3 cups sushi-rice (before cooking)

· 3¼ cups of water

Add to the rice-maker and set the-time to start cooking.

When the sushi-rice is done cooking, make the sushi-rice vinegar mix. That is what gives sushi-rice its characteristic taste.p> VEGETABLES AND OTHER INGREDIENTS

While the rice is cooking, we will slice the sashimi & vegetables as thinly as possible. You’ll want everything to be in-thin, long strips. This can be achieved using a-slicer or by hand. Set the sushi ingredients in small-bowls, and arrange them for easy-access in a circle or line. You’ll be drawing small-bits from each bowl even as you assemble the sushi.


In London sushi catering, you will most likely be-using salmon or tuna fillets. In case you prefer, you could also ask your fish-provider to slice the fish further for you. There’re basically 5 ways to cut-sushi fish.

· An angled-cut often used for-nagiri

· A rectangular cut most common and usable on all-fish

· A cube cut works well for soft thick-fish

· A paper thin cut suits some firm, white-fish.

· A thread-cut often used either for squid & thin-white fish filets.

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Place 2-3 table spoons of vinegar and 8 oz of water inside a bowl so-that you could dip your hands whilst assembling sushi. This keeps the sushi-rice from sticking to the hands, as that is one of-the biggest issues experienced by rookie sushi makers.

Cover the bamboo mat using plastic wrap so as to prevent the sushi-rice fromsticking to it.

You can position a half-sheet of nori shiny-side down on your saran-covered bamboo mat.

Dip your hands in the vinegar-water mixture in order to prevent sticking.

Then grab a small-handful of sushi-rice. Cover bottom three quarters of nori-sheet with thin rice layer, leaving the top-quarter of the-nori- sheet empty.

Make a small groove along the-length of the rice.

Depending upon your recipe, you can lay a thin-layer of vegetables, fish or crab meat in the-groove on top of sushi-rice on the bottom-third of the-nori sheet.

Add a small wasabi swipe on top of-other ingredients in case you prefer so.

Begin rolling the sushi roll by placing the tips of 4 fingers of each-hand on-top of the sushi-ingredients and hold them in-place whilst keeping both your thumbs on the bamboo-rolling mat back nearest to you.

Push the-mat forward til the-mat is wholly around the sushi-roll & until the bottom and top edges of the-nori meet.

Pull your 4 fingers out from-the mat and then roll.

Proceed to roll the sushi-mat in a circlearound your ingredients. And avoid pressing too-hard. You can use the mat to shape your-sushi into a nice-long & round roll. Be gentle or-you could have a heavy-rice log.

Set the first sushi-roll on a plate and make as many more sushi-rolls as you like. Allow them set for-a few minutes before cutting. This helps the rice & ingredients stick & gel in shape.

To cut your roll, place one sushi-roll on the cutting-board. Using a sharp knife, gently cutting each sushi-roll in half, cut down & through. Place the two-halves above & below each-other, and cut every section into 3 pieces, leaving 6 bite-sized sushi morsels. Then place the sushi-rolls on a plate.

Then repeat this process until all of the sushi-rolls are cut in to bite sized pieces.

Serve while hot